Meet Brooklyn

Introducing Brooklyn, the newest addition to our boutique family! Growing up between Ponoka and Lacombe, Brooklyn's roots run deep on the family farm. With a rich history of supporting local and embracing the charm of small businesses, her journey led her to become an integral part of our small clothing business.  Brooklyn has the true spirit of an entrepreneur, instilled in her through the experiences of her own family's small business.  At the heart of Brooklyn's vision is the belief that fashion should not only make you look great but also be functional and accessible.  From classic denim to rugged textures, Brooklyn's curated selections will undoubtedly reflect her love for the western spirit.  We are beyond thrilled to welcome Brooklyn and her contagious enthusiasm to our team. Her arrival heralds a new chapter for our boutique, filled with fresh ideas, exciting designs, and a continued dedication to providing you with some great fashion choices.  Welcome to the next era of our boutique, where style meets heart!

Meet Rachelle

Allow us to re-introduce you to Rachelle, one of the original founders of our beloved boutique.  From her earliest days, Rachelle has harbored an undeniable passion for fashion—a connection that has only grown more profound over the years. Her journey with the boutique has been nothing short of thrilling, as she watched her vision materialize into the vibrant reality it is today.  As a mother of two young girls, Rachelle understands the whirlwind of life, where every moment is a juggling act. It is this firsthand experience that fuels her commitment to simplifying your life. Rachelle aspires to eliminate the guesswork from your shopping endeavors,
recognizing that whether you're heading to the local rink for a hockey game, clocking in at the office, or preparing for a night out, the right outfit can make all the difference.  Her mission goes beyond providing clothing; it's about curating a collection that adapts to the multifaceted roles you play in your everyday life all at a great price. Rachelle's keen understanding of the diverse needs of our customers is reflected in every piece she selects for the boutique.